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Image Diva Premium Double Belted Waist Trainer, Neoprene Slimming Belt, Fat Burner

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Now comes our high quality Image Diva Premium Double Belted Waist Trainer. This is a latex Free neoprene fitness slimming belt with a sturdy zipper to support your abdomen and back for a nice comfortable and effective hold. This will provide you with a longer lasting waist cinching effect . This Fat burning girdle also features additional sticky fasteners that allow you to increase the amount of hold or pressure applied to your body to the level you desire, for a flatter slimmer tummy. The zipper underneath the top fasteners is the foundation of stable, comfortable, and evenly distributed firmness, that you can enjoy the whole time you wear this girdle.

Neoprene fabric is recognized for its ability to insulate the body thereby promoting sweating by retaining heat close to your skin, without becoming wet and uncomfortable. It is stretchy, soft on your skin, and does not scratch, scrub, or irritate delicate skin.

This is where high quality technology meets your weight loss needs, by allowing you to remain comfortable under desirable supportive pressure you can count on.




Weight Loss/Enhance Fat burning on the belly and back areas

Slim the waist/Up to 4 inches off your waist instantly!

Gradual waist sculpturing and body shaping

Tone skin 

Back Support

Achieve posture correction


Eliminate unsightly cellulite



This slimming belt is true to size

We currently have Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes available and ready to ship. 

Care Instructions:

 Wash sith mild soap and water. Air dry or dry in machine on low heat.