For Men Breathable Mesh Waist Trainer Exercise Belt Belly Slimming_menwaist
For Men Breathable Mesh Waist_menshapers

For Men Breathable Mesh Waist Trainer Exercise Belt Belly Slimming Cincher Corset Body Shaper

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Now comes our very special waist trainer, waist cincher, men's lingerie, exercise belt for Men. This tummy slimming belt is made off strong breathable mesh fabric for breathability and comfort, and feature a set of overlaying reinforcer belts to enable you tighten the waist trainer around your waist. For this reason, this belt will serve you well as you shed , firm and tone up. This device is comfortable and light enough to be worn under your cloths when you venture out to walk, run, exercise, or work.


Weight Loss/Enhance Fat burning on the belly and back areas

Slim the waist

Flatten/slim the tummy instantly

Gradual waist sculpturing and body shaping

Tone skin 

Back Support

Achieve posture correction


Eliminate unsightly cellulite



This slimming belt is true to size